What Can Cause the Malfunction of Solar Panels

what can cause the malfunction of solar panels

In general, the solar panels of a photovoltaic system in Limassol require little maintenance to work properly. However, there are some factors that can cause the malfunction of solar panels. Therefore, it is important that every photovoltaic installation company monitors each system they install closely to identify any problems. This is what can cause the malfunction of solar panels.

Dirt or dust

Being exposed to outside elements, solar panels can get dirty and lose their effectiveness. Dirt, dust, debris, leaves, bird droppings and feathers can make it difficult for solar panels to absorb sunlight and generate electricity. Moreover, sometimes rain adds to all of these elements, and everything builds up to create a barrier between the sunlight and the panels. Therefore, having professionals clean the solar panels at least once a year is important to prevent this problem.


Hiring a professional company for the installation of a photovoltaic system in Limassol is very important to make sure that your solar panels will work properly and generate as much electricity as possible. Experienced photovoltaic companies know where and how the solar panels must be placed to be efficient. Sometimes, the shading of solar panels that is caused by nearby trees or buildings can significantly reduce their performance.

Incorrect orientation

The experience and expertise of a photovoltaic company are also seen in the orientation of the solar panels. Professionals can calculate how many hours of sunlight there are in each direction and place the solar panels at an angle and facing the direction that maximizes their exposure to sunlight. Otherwise, the panels will not absorb as much sunlight as they can, and the production of electricity will be limited.

Weather conditions

Even though solar panels can absorb sunlight through different weather conditions and even during the not sunniest days, there are some extreme weather conditions such as snow or hail, that can damage the solar panels and cause their malfunction.


Of course, if a solar panel gets damaged, cracked or broken it will eventually stop working properly and this can lead to less or even no electricity generation.

Faulty wiring

Sometimes, the wires that connect the solar panels to the inverter of the photovoltaic system can be damaged, loose or not attached properly. This can, of course, cause the malfunction of the solar panels.

In conclusion, there are several factors that can cause the malfunction of solar panels. However, with the correct monitoring and cleaning, the panels can work effectively for years.