Net-Metering Photovoltaic Systems
in Limassol

net-metering photovoltaic systems in limassol


A Net-Metering scheme is used by electricity consumers to save on their utility bills. The installed solar panels produce energy that is converted into electricity.

This electricity is then used to power the house, shop or other building. If there is any surplus, it is transferred to the EAC grid and the difference of what was consumed and what was transferred is calculated, and the relevant amount is credited to the consumer’s next bill. If the electricity consumed is more than what was produced, the appropriate amount is billed to the consumer’s electricity bill.

The Net-metering photovoltaic systems in Limassol, can reach up to 10kWp.


Virtual Net-Metering

A Virtual Net-Metering arrangement is used by consumers that cannot have a photovoltaic system installed at the property for which the application is made.

A Virtual Net-Metering system in Limassol can be used by homeowners and professional farmers. The maximum power for a Virtual Net-Metering photovoltaic system is 10,4 kWp for households and 20 kW for farmers.