photovoltaic systems in limassol


The scheme that every homeowner loves. A great investment and a way to save money on your electricity bills.

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photovoltaic systems in limassol

Virtual Net-Metering

Similar to Net-Metering but with Virtual Net-Metering the panels are installed offsite the property for which the arrangement is made.

solar parks

Photovoltaic Parks

A sustainable choice with many benefits as it offers maximum energy production, cost savings and a greener future.

photovoltaic systems in limassol

Solar Thermal Heaters

Heating water using a renewable source of energy? Solar thermal heaters help you contribute to the protection of the environment while saving money on your electricity bills.

photovoltaic systems in limassol


A photovoltaic system that helps businesses generate electricity and use it on the spot for self-consumption.

Photovoltaic systems in Limassol

With years of experience in photovoltaic systems installation in Limassol, our team has the knowledge and expertise to design and install the best photovoltaic system for your energy consumption needs.

Our team consists of professional and experienced experts who work together to ensure that we provide our clients with high-quality and efficient photovoltaic systems.

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photovoltaic systems in cyprus

Benefits of Solar Panels in Limassol

Photovoltaic systems have multiple benefits and this is why they have become a must-feature, especially for residences.




Having solar panels installed and generating your own electricity helps develop a more sustainable way of living.


Solar panels do not require much maintenance. Our team offers maintenance services, so you do not have to worry about it.

cost saving


The installation of photovoltaic systems in Limassol helps consumers save money from deductions on their electricity bills.

Increased property value

Photovoltaic systems increase the value of properties, as they are a desirable feature for property buyers.

How much does a photovoltaic system cost?

There isn’t a fixed price for photovoltaic systems in Limassol, but there are various factors that make up the cost of a photovoltaic system. Some of these factors include the material, type and quality of the solar panels and the power of the system.

Do solar thermal heaters require maintenance?

Yes, solar thermal water heaters require regular cleaning and maintenance to work properly and ensure optimal performance.

What is the lifespan of a photovoltaic system?

The lifespan of a photovoltaic system can reach 25 years, but this depends on the quality of the system as well as on its maintenance.

Is a solar thermal heater cost-effective?

Yes, a solar thermal heater can be cost-effective as it can help a homeowner save money because it reduces dependence on traditional heating sources. By using solar energy, which is free, the homeowner saves on their electricity bills.

Can photovoltaic systems be used in cold climates?

Yes, photovoltaic systems in Limassol can be used in cold climates. Of course, solar panels can absorb more sunlight and generate more electricity in sunny countries, however, they can be effective in cold climates as well. Besides, a cold climate isn’t necessarily one without sunlight.

What happens to the excess energy generated by a photovoltaic system?

Depending on the type of photovoltaic system the excess energy that is generated can be sent to the EAC grid for credits on the next EAC bill of the consumer or stored in batteries for later use.

Solar Panel Maintenance

You do not need to worry about the maintenance of your photovoltaic system. Our team is always ready to assist you and provide professional cleaning and maintenance.

In general, solar panels do not need much maintenance. However, cleaning them once a year to ensure that they operate at peak efficiency is very important.

Of course, our professionals constantly monitor the photovoltaic systems of our clients and pay visits for inspections to detect any malfunctions on time and address the problem to make sure the system works efficiently.

Things that can get photovoltaic systems in Limassol dirty:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Rain
  • Pollen
  • Debris
  • Fallen leaves
  • Bird droppings

Price Table

PV System
Power (kW)
InverterIndicative Price
for a Flat Roof (€)
Indicative Price
for a Tiled Roof (€)

The procedure of a photovoltaic system installation:

The installation of the photovoltaic systems in Limassol, Cyprus, requires a list of documents and an application process with multiple steps. Our team offers assistance with the whole process and helps clients with anything they need throughout the application procedure.

photovoltaic system installation

The application should be submitted together with the required documents as well as the application fee, which is €250 plus VAT. Once the consumer submits their application, they wait for its assessment and approval. When the application is approved, our team visits the consumer’s property to install the photovoltaic system. Then, the EAC inspects the system and if everything is installed and works properly, the photovoltaic system is activated.

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Application required documents:

  • Completed and signed EAC application form.
  • Original building permit.
  • Copies of the last six EAC bills or an EAC electricity usage statement for the last 12 months, or the energy performance certificate (for new buildings).
  • Copy of the building’s title deed or copies of the plot’s ownership title and construction license for new houses for which the title deed has not been issued.
  • Consent of the building’s owner if the owner is not the applicant or consent of all the owners of a building if there is more than one owner.
  • Copy of the building’s plot plan.
  • Copy of a recent EAC bill in the name of the applicant.
  • A signed statement from the applicant that the property for which the application is submitted is their principal residence.
  • Proof of vulnerability for applicants who wish to be grunted the beneficiary fund (οnly for disadvantaged and vulnerable electricity consumers).
  • In the case of non-Cypriot applicants, a copy of a permanent residency certificate (yellow slip) or copies of 6 recent EAC bills in the name of the applicant.